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Current Research Projects

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SOS field site

Seeds of Success Study

Examining the restoration success of sagebrush in western Colorado based on locality of seed, local community composition, and the plasticity of species to environment.


Aspen Clonal Ecology

We are studying a variety of factors realted to aspen ecology, especially in reference to its clonal modular growth. We have studied aspen response to disturbance through ring widths and ramet densities, aspen shifts in elevation along the Colorado Front Range, and sap flow within and among ramets.

canopy gap

Canopy gap and clonal Calamagrostis

clonal calamagrostis

Clonal Plant Responses to Disturbance

In the High Tatras of Slovakia, we examined the effects of disturbance on the dominance and diversity of clonal plants as well as their responses through ramet production, number of ramets connected, and distane among ramets.


Classification of the Pawnee National Grasslands, CO

A semi-supervised, comapring with previously-classified plots, classification of the PNG. 


Long-term Changes in Front Range Forests

We have resampled Bob Peet's plots from the early 1970s and are examining how aspen forests have changed over the past 40 years.