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Melanie Peffer

Melanie Peffer

Assistant Professor

School of Biological Sciences
Natural and Health Sciences

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Peffer's research interests involve taking an interdisciplinary approach to biology education research. One of her primary research interests lies in assessing students' science epistemology, or their beliefs about science and where science knowledge comes from, during simulated authentic science inquiry experience provided through a webapp called SCI that she developed.


Biology Education

Teaching biology in K12 and higher education

Authentic Science Inquiry

Inquiry that is reminiscent of what real-world scientists do, not the typical "recipe-like" inquiry that the majority of K-16 students are exposed to

Science Inquiry Epistemology / Nature of Science

Science epistemology is defined as the beliefs that an individual has about how science knowledge is generated. It is related to nature of science, which is a set of principles that are typically accepted to distinguish science from other domains of inquiry

Interdisciplinary Research

Synergistic combination of disciplines to ask novel research questions. In my case, using the combinatorial lens of domain experts (DBER), psychology/learning sciences, and K12 science educators