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Recap: Twitter Chat on Game-Based Learning

Flier of the past Twitter chat with Matt Farber

February 13, 2020

On Wednesday, Feb. 12, University of Northern Colorado Assistant Professor Matt Farber, Ed.D., participated in a UNC Twitter chat on the topic of game-based learning on.

Farber, an expert and proponent of gamification, asked users a total of six questions relating to the topic while using the discoverable hashtag, #UNCBearsChat:

  1. Escape rooms are used in some classrooms. Please share innovative ways games can be used to teach.
  2. Game designer Sid Meier once defined games as "a series of interesting choices." How can courses provide meaningful choices like games?
  3. Minecraft: Education Edition and Fortnite both have Creative Modes. How do you teach and learn in Creative Mode?
  4. Play occurs within the constraints of games. How do you see digital play driving learning?
  5. What are ways that games can promote inclusiveness and social emotional well-being?
  6.  What are ways that games can boost empathy and perspective-taking?

This was the first Twitter chat that UNC co-hosted, which resulted in the following engagement metrics: 

  • 100 total Tweets with the hashtag, #UNCBearsChat
  • Almost 600,000 interactions with #UNCBearsChat
  • 30 Twitter users participated in the chat
  • Around 119,000 users viewed at least one Tweet with the hashtag, #UNCBearsChat
  • Users from five countries including the U.S., Canada, Spain, Japan and Australia

— Produced by Katie Corder and Farber


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