Stories of the Class of 2016: Jean-Claude Madin Cerezo, International Flair

Jean-Claude Madin Cerezo

It's a pretty safe bet that Jean-Claude Madin Cerezo is the only member of the Bears football team who speaks four languages: French, German, Spanish and English. Indeed, he's probably the only UNC student-athlete who speaks that many languages. And he's definitely the only one who's graduating Saturday with a bachelor's degree in International Affairs and a 3.9 GPA.

Cerezo comes by his multilingualism and penchant for his major naturally. His mother is from Spain and his father is from Cameroon, but he grew up in Germany and attended his first two years of college in Mexico. He estimates he's visited 20 countries around the world.

Because he transferred to UNC as a junior and was red-shirted due to an injury, he still has two years of eligibility left, so he's going to remain part of the Bears' wide receiver corps while he pursues a master's degree in environmental geosciences.

His goal is to play in the NFL, but if that doesn't work out, he said he'll pursue something in the field of international business; perhaps related to renewable energy resources.

"I know even if I make it to the NFL, football isn't going to be there forever," he said. "I'll have to do something afterward."

With his parents thousands of miles away, he doesn't see them often, but he says UNC has become like a family.

"The guys on the team are great," he said. "They have me over to their houses on holidays and help me out when I need it. It's like having 80 brothers."

View an Athletics Department video interview of Cerezo.