UNC's New Recruitment and Prospect Management Tool

UNC staff from IM&T, the Graduate School, Extended Campus and the Office of Admissions have been working together since October to transition to a new recruitment and prospect management tool called Slate. The product, built specifically for student recruitment, will manage UNC's online application process, give counselors and recruiters the ability to more easily and strategically engage with potential students, as well as better track the effectiveness of UNC's outreach efforts.

Slate, which is known as a "Customer Relationship Management" (CRM) system, is expected to help eliminate supplementary application tools, unify communications planning across divisions, and allow for the paper-less review of application materials, among other things. Spring and Summer 2019 applications built in this new system are now live on the UNC website.

"This is much more than a software implementation," says Bret Naber, UNC's chief information officer.

"This an opportunity to rebuild UNC's application and enrollment process, reimagine procedures and marketing approaches, and centralize data systems to ensure quality and consistency. The team leading this effort is truly doing transformative work."

This effort began last fall after UNC learned that its CRM at the time would require an onerous multi-month update. As a result, and in the hopes of getting additional functionality, a team of recruitment, marketing and information technology staff inquired about Slate, which has recently emerged as the top tool used by recruitment areas across Colorado and the country. The team purchased the software and began training on it in October.

UNC's new Slate system has been led by designated project "captains" who have rebuilt UNC's procedures, communication plans and more in the lead up to the go-live of the Spring 2019 applications. These captains - Nick Hoyle (IM&T), Ilissa Alexander and Dana Kohler (Admissions), Sonja Rizzolo (Graduate and International Admissions) and Ryan Perrich (Extended Campus) - will continue to shepherd this implementation forward alongside partners across campus.

In the coming academic year, all applicant and prospective student information will be stored in Slate. In addition to running all event management and communications through the system, the different recruitment areas will also be actively using the application review features, delivering admission decisions through a personalized portal interface, and more. This year, the leadership team will also be actively working to bring the College of Performing and Visual Arts' supplemental application requirements (for example, portfolio submissions) into Slate for next year. Future plans also call for bringing new student orientation into the system (for the 19-20 cycle), among other things.

Campus users, including faculty who review graduate applications, will be contacted in the coming weeks and months to be trained on this new tool. Additional updates on this work will be shared with campus via UNC Today in the weeks and months ahead.



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