Students Earn Dean's Citation for Excellence for Fall Semester

Over 200 students earned the Dean's Citation for Academic Excellence in the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado for the 2017 fall semester.

To qualify for the citation, business majors must attain a grade point average of at least 3.50 for the semester.

Last First Program Concentration
Abbott Kayla Accounting
Adams Tyler Accounting
Adams Tyler Software Engineering
Aeschlimann Sydney Marketing
Albishi Saleh General Business
Aldewaish Ahmad Accounting
Alshahrani Fisal Management
Aragon Julian Finance
Arce Mendez Yesica Marketing
Babbitt Justine Management
Baker Brock General Business
Bartolo Talon Management
Been Nathaniel Software Engineering
Belew Abiy Software Engineering
Betty Garrett Marketing
Billheimer Magnolia Management
Binder Alec Computer Information Systems
Bivins Amanda Finance
Blitstein Mackenzie Management
Bollar Kenzee Accounting
Bomgardner Nicolaus Computer Information Systems
Bradow Matthew Software Engineering
Branca Jesse Management
Bristol Madison General Business
Buie Nicholas Accounting
Bundy Aili Finance
Bunker Hallie Software Engineering
Burklow Casey Software Engineering
Carlson Teresa Software Engineering
Carver Robert Software Engineering
Chapman Alexis Accounting
Chapman Rebecca Management
Chrzas Courtney Finance
Clark James Management
Coffey Jason Finance
Cole Adam Management
Coleman April Finance
Coleman Joshua General Business
Cooper Beau Finance
Cordova Christopher Finance/Accounting
Cramer Christian Accounting
Croghan Meaghan Marketing
Cutler Laura Computer Information Systems
Daharsh Katrina Accounting
Davis Brendon Finance/Accounting
DeBaggis Zakary Finance
DeLaCroix Darren Management
Dixon Shawn Software Engineering
Downing Derek Accounting
Duran Alyson Marketing
Dyer Ami Marketing
Elling Kaleb Accounting
Elterman Courtney Marketing
Engel Anthony Accounting
Enlow Jackson Management
Escobedo Susan Accounting
Fadenrecht Rachel Management
Fate James Finance
Fernandez Brittany Finance/Accounting
Fioretto Adam Marketing
Fiscus Connor Finance
Flanagan Macoy Management
Franco Alan Accounting
French Joshua Finance
Fross Tyler Finance
Gabel Madison Marketing
Garcia Kaitlyn Marketing
Garner Chloe Accounting
Garza Brandon General Business/Finance
Gebhardt Benjamin General Business
Gembarowski Ian Marketing
Gifford Trevor Management
Goodroad Morgan Marketing
Gordon Makayla General Business
Grimm Monica Finance/Accounting
Gutierrez Benito Management
Hartness Bryce Management
Haynes Katherine Management
Herold Jessica Software Engineering
Hill Nicholas Accounting
Hinze Matthew Software Engineering
Hughes Taylor Finance
Jacob John Management
Jeffreys Mariah General Business
Johnson Blake Management
Johnson Davis Management
Jones Megan General Business
Karlberg James Management
Kasten Megan Finance
Kavinsky Kadie Computer Information Systems
Keith Kenneth Finance
Kiefer Brycen Finance
Kimura Matthew Accounting
Kline Caleb Management
Koso Lillian General Business
Lake Conner Finance
Lauritzen Jessica Management
Lee Brenna Marketing
Leonard Collin Accounting
Lobert Jessica Finance
Lovely Ashley Marketing
Lundebjerg Barbara Accounting
Magi Greta Accounting
Maltese Cole Computer Information Systems
Marquez Alexis Finance
Marquez Marivel Management/CIS
Marrs Madison Marketing
Martinez Brian General Business
Martinez Rose Management
Maslyk Alicia Accounting
Mateo Lucas Angelica Management
Mattson Blake General Business
McCauley Michael Management
McDowall Louis General Business
McGuire Kimberly Accounting
McKee Liam General Business
Melick Steven Management
Middle Courtney Accounting
Middleton Jordan Finance
Mier Jonathan Software Engineering
Miller Abigail Management
Minnick Brett Finance
Monington Luke Computer Information Systems/Accounting
Moralez Jeffrey Marketing
Morrison Kelsey Accounting
Moses Alexia Marketing
Mueller Griffin Accounting
Murray Tessa Accounting
Nakakura Corey Accounting
Nakamoto Shelby Marketing
Nelson Tia Finance
Newby Christopher Software Engineering
Nguyen Andrew Computer Information Systems
Noble Zachary Management
Nowlin Wesley Software Engineering
O'Connor Mark Management
Olson Garrett Finance
Opoku Salome Management
Ouellette Brandon Finance
Parsons Joseph Marketing
Pasvogel Owen Finance
Pereskokova Elizaveta Marketing
Perez Rodriguez Jessica Management
Perez Rodriguez Jose Software Engineering
Pham Sang Software Engineering
Pinson Taylor Marketing
Pogatchnik James Finance
Poley Mckenzie Finance
Preston Jacob Software Engineering
Puckett Alexander Computer Information Systems
Quinones Adrian Marketing
Roberts Alyssa Management
Rochford Randy General Business
Rodriguez Betancourt Esmeralda Marketing
Rojas Adam Management
Rolf Noah Software Engineering
Romano Andrew Accounting
Rosenow Joshua Computer Information Systems
Ross Samantha Finance
Roy Jordan Accounting
Royle Sierrah Computer Information Systems
Rozar McKenzie General Business
Sadowski Szczepan Software Engineering
Schacht Adam Accounting
Schaffer Alex Marketing
Schott Michael Computer Information Systems
Seibold Jacob Management
Shade Hayden Finance/Accounting
Shaffer Eric Management
Shaffer Lindsey Marketing
Simpson Colby Finance
Smith Bailey Marketing
Smith Payten Management/Accounting
Smith Rochelle Marketing
Smooke Daniel Accounting
Sorensen Kristine Accounting
Sorrell Laura Management
Spano-Pankratz Nicole Management
Spaur Halie General Business
Stapley Lee Management
Stephens Sachi Management
Stimpfl Sophia General Business
Strength Aleah Computer Information Systems
Strickland Adriane Accounting
Sugi Sara Finance
Svedlow Zoe Marketing
Tait Marcus Marketing
Taketa Maia Marketing
Talkington Barton Finance
Tapia Payton Marketing
Tavizon Almeida Astwin Finance
Thompson Elijah Management
Tiefel Kaitlyn Accounting
Tricarico John Accounting
Trujillo Nicholas Accounting
Turner Joshua Management
Turner-Frazier Brandon Management
Valdez Andrew Finance/CIS
Van Dewerker Kathryn Accounting/Finance
Van Dewerker Michael Computer Information Systems
Vann Trey Accounting
Villanueva Jessica Computer Information Systems
Villegas Samantha Accounting
Vohs Michael Accounting
Wagner Elise Marketing
Watanabe Kyra Faye General Business
Watters Noah Management
Wille Ryne General Business
Yoshimura Deron Computer Information Systems
Zimola Aaron Marketing