Around Campus: Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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Upcoming Events

PVA Presents Spring Dance Concert, Feb. 1-3

Tell Everyone at Commencement What You Think

If you're an undergraduate student graduating in May and could speak at commencement, what would you want to tell your classmates? If you have a 2.8+ GPA and are involved in UNC campus life, apply today to be the student speaker at commencement. More info and application forms are on the Dean of Students website. Applications are due no later than 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 9.

Informational Sessions Offered on Becoming a Teacher

UNC's Extended Campus is offering informational sessions for bachelor's degree holders who would like to become licensed K-12 teachers. The sessions will be held in February in Greeley, Loveland, Denver and Colorado Springs.

Click here for the sessions for the accelerated program to earn middle and high school endorsement

Click here for the sessions for the one-year program for elementary school licensure

Marketing and Promotional Materials on Campus

Recently there has been an increase in both registered UNC groups and departments as well as unaffiliated, external groups distributing materials on campus billboards, in lecture halls, and on UNC department bulletin boards. This is just a reminder to follow UNC's policy, which can be found here.

This policy seeks to keep UNC classrooms and other facilities free of trash and other debris while providing a opportunities to provide information regarding UNC and community events.

If you see materials that appear to be posted or distributed outside of the UNC policy or if these materials are inappropriate or harmful in nature, please contact the building manager or departmental owner of the space or Dean of Students Office to file a complaint, or report a concern.

Finalists Announced in UNC E-Challenge