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Life of Mind

Are you ready to take a unique journey that transcends typical educational experiences and opens doors to a world with new connections? Life of the Mind is an exciting and innovative program designed to enrich the liberal arts core taken by all University of Northern Colorado students. By studying classic writings from around the world in specially designed interdisciplinary courses, faculty and students investigate central questions that have concerned humanity through the ages.

Student Program Eligibility

Life of the Mind is open to all UNC students who want to enhance their intellectual pursuits. These classes can be added by any UNC student when they register. 

Students in certain programs such as the Honors Program or Leadership Studies may get priority when registering for these classes.

Program Highlights

  • Courses feature outstanding faculty from a number of fields of study across campus.
  • Students and faculty together probe the basic intellectual concerns that link these fields through the study of key writings from both Western and Eastern civilization.
  • Study centers on in-depth reading and lively discussion and also include lectures, slide presentations and films.
  • Emphasis on building students’ skills in critical thinking, discussion and writing.

The “life of the mind” is the unifying theme of all the courses. Rather than presenting ideas from the writings as accepted truths, faculty and students together explore them as possible answers to central human questions. Through this exploration, students come to value the social, ethical and spiritual significance of intellectual activity—of the life of the mind.