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Legal Interpreter Training Program

The Legal Interpreter Training Program (LITP) was a 4-semester program of specialized coursework designed for ASL-English interpreters who wanted to work in the legal system of the United States. This specialized course of study was taught by nationally known experts in legal interpreting. It prepared interpreters to meet the court interpreter standards of many states. The program included three knowledge courses which addressed principles and protocol associated with interpreting in the legal system as well as Civil and Criminal Law. The fourth course developed a range of interpreting necessary for working in the demanding and high-risk legal setting. It included a 55 hour supervised practicum in courtroom settings.


INTR 480/580 Overview of Interpreting in the American Legal System (4 credit hours - Knowledge Based): Provided legal foundation for interpreting services within the American legal system and gives overview of the civil and criminal process, roles and responsibilities.

INTR 481/581Introduction to Civil Litigation (3 credit hours - Knowledge Based): Provided foundation in civil law, procedure and systems (overview of family/juvenile courts, role of arbitration/mediation, interpretation of contracts/depositions/interrogatories, expert witnesses) and language used in legal interpreting practice.

INTR 482/582 – Introduction to Criminal Law (4 credit hours - Knowledge Based): Provided expanded investigation of criminal law and procedure, providing students with further awareness and understanding of complexities and nuances of criminal court system and legal language/procedures used within the system.

INTR 483/583 – Skills Development for Interpreting in the Legal Context (4 credit hours - Skilled Based): Provided a foundation in applying Major Features of ASL and English to the tasks of interpreting legal texts from ASL to spoken English and from spoken English to Sign.

Interest List

As of September 2016, there is no grant to fund the Legal Interpreter Training Program.

If you would to be added to an interest list email your name, email address and phone number to Carrie Woodruff at Carrie.Woodruff@unco.edu.

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