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Leadership and Supervision Certificate Program

This program is not currently offered.

The Leadership & Supervision Certificate Program (LSCP) was a 4-semester program of specialized coursework designed for individuals working in or aspiring to positions as lead interpreters, mentors, supervisors, or leaders within an interpreting system. These 4 courses provided students with effective strategies and tools for addressing and managing real-world issues and challenges faced in a variety of fast-growing and rapidly-changing contexts. Problem-solving and decision-making was enhanced through the critical examination of cutting-edge research, theories, and practice. Graduates were prepared to apply system analysis to better understand the complexities of various interpreting systems.

405/505 - Supervision of Interpreting Systems(3 credits): This course focused on supervision of interpreting systems. Students examined core skills shared by supervisors and analyze strategies that promoted effective communication and resolved conflict in the workplace.

INTR 461/561 - Conducting Diagnostic Assessments (3 credits): This course provided supervisors of interpreters, lead interpreters and/or mentors with a common system of miscue/error and feature analysis needed to conduct systematic skills performance assessments.

INTR 406/506 - Leadership in Interpreting (3 credits): This course introduced the major theories and concepts of leadership and their application to the field of interpreting and explored the link between leadership, ethics, and values.

INTR 460/560 - Ethics in Leadership (3 credits): This course addressed the central issues of moral philosophy from the perspective of leadership studies. It sought to identify and understand moral challenges that are peculiar to leaders.

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