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Transfer Students

Online orientation supports the transfer and nontraditional student acclimation to UNC. Completing the program will give students some practical resources to get started and will help set up a successful transition to campus. Students will receive an email in their BearMail account from orientation@unco.edu with a link to access the online orientation within a week of being admitted to UNC. All incoming transfer students are required to complete online orientation.

After online orientation is completed, the next step is academic advising. This page will help you navigate who to contact for advising based on your major.

Major Exploration & Academic Probation advises students who have the following major designations:                

  • Exploring the Liberal Arts
  • Exploring Seeking Business   
  • Exploring Seeking Music             
  • Exploring Seeking Musical Theatre
  • Exploring Seeking Theatre
  • Exploring Seeking Software Engineering

Students in the above major designations should contact a professional advisor in Major Exploration & Academic Probation, at 970-351-1391, for advising on course registration. Students who prefer to attend the optional in-person Transfer and Nontraditional Welcome, can find out more details and make a reservation on the orientation website.