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Residential Connections 

UNC’s Residential Connections are an opportunity for incoming UNC students to find community on a smaller scale within the larger university. Residential Connections are options you can choose to be part of – they’re a great way to connect with new people who share some similarities with you, deepen your campus engagement and experience a close-knit community.

Studies have also shown that these learning communities improve academic success and enhance student sense of belonging and ease transition to college. UNC students who participate in a Residential Connections have a higher GPA and make quicker progress toward degree completion.

Each Residential Connections offers...

  • A place to explore and experience college life with other students who share a similar interest, major or identity.
  • A sense of belonging through connection with like-minded peers.
  • Opportunities for personal growth and development.
  • A community to connect with shares similar transition experiences to UNC and Greeley.
  • Develop lasting relationships and a network of support for your transition.
  • Study breaks so you can participate in events, social gatherings and outings within your Residential Connection.

Pick your Connection

Biology Connection in North Hall
Biology - North Hall

If you choose to live in the Biology Connection you’ll be surrounded by other students interested in and majoring in Biology at UNC. You’ll find yourself at the center of a community of students connecting outside of the classroom around their shared passion for Biology.

Criminal Justice connection in Turner Hall
Criminology & Criminal Justice -  Turner Hall

Living in our Criminology and Criminal Justice community is a great choice for students looking to find a networking opportunity with peers and academic faculty.

Cumbres students
Cumbres -  Brown Hall

The Cumbres Connection is a living and learning community for students planning to teach and working toward an English as a Second Language (ESL) or Bilingual/Bicultural endorsement.

Gender, Sexuality and Romantic Idenities connection

Queer Living Community - First Year - Harrison Hall

The supportive space created by the Queer Living Community is a great fit if you enjoy engaging in open dialogue about identity. Students who identify across the gender, sexual, and romantic identity spectrums are welcome to call this community home.

Gender, Sexuality and Romantic Idenities connection

Queer Living Community - Second Year and Above - Berkenkotter House

The supportive space created by the Queer Living Community is a great fit if you enjoy engaging in open dialogue about identity. Students who identify across the gender, sexual, and romantic identity spectrums are welcome to call this community home.

Honors, Scholars and Leaders connection

Honors Scholars Leaders -  Luján Hall

The Honors, Scholars and Leaders community is an extension of the Honors Program at UNC. Choosing to live in this community is a great way to connect with other students in the program and build lifelong friendships.

MCB Connection community students

Business -  North and Harrison Hall - Only North Hall for 2021-2022

In cooperation with the Monfort College of Business, the Business community is a great place to build strong connections with other Business students. Through our partnership with Tutorial Services, this community generally has a tutor living on the floor to help with your core classes.

Outdoor pursuits connection water rafting

Outdoor Pursuits -  South Hall - Location changed to Harrison Hall 2021-2022

The OP community is designed to bring together students who have a passion for the outdoors and give them an opportunity to explore new adventures together! In partnership with UNC’s Outdoor Pursuits in Campus Recreation, this community has the privilege of being linked to UNC’s gear shop and lots of opportunities to get off campus and into nature.

Pre-nursing connection

Pre-Nursing -  Harrison Hall

If you’re a Pre-Nursing major, this community is for you! Live with other Pre-Nursing majors, study together, and find connection through your shared classes and experience at UNC.

Transfer students on campus

Transfer -  Lawrenson Hall

Coming to UNC as a transfer student and looking to live on campus? This community, in an apartment-style building, is a great place for incoming transfer students to find connections with others going through the same transition. 

Women's residential connection

Women's -  Sabin Hall

UNC’s Women’s community is for women-identified students who are looking to live in community with other women. Whatever your reason, this community offers a space for women to live only with other women.

Pet Friendly Connection

Pet Friendly  -  Lawrenson Hall (Floors 2, 3, and 4)

The Pet Friendly community is one of our most popular options at UNC. Although every pet must go through an approval process before arriving on campus, this a place where you can live with your pet. If you are a pet lover, but don’t have your own pet to bring to college, this is also a great place for you! You’ll need to complete additional application documents to be considered for this community.

Gender Inclusive residential connection

Gender Inclusive  

Available in every open housing facility on campus, Gender Inclusive housing provides the option for a space where students of different genders can live together. Regardless of gender, students have the option to  choose a space in a hall that best meets their needs living with someone they are comfortable sharing a room with.


UNC’s Faculty-in-Residence program fosters a healthy and positive environment where faculty and students can interact outside the classroom.

Participating faculty bridge academic experience with social and community-building by hosting dinners, guest speakers, community activities and events. Our faculty-in-residence are mentors to residential students, provide programming and facilitate campus engagement  with others.

Meet Our Faculty  Become Faculty in Residence