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Information Literacy & Undergraduate Support

What We Do

The Information Literacy & Undergraduate Support Department of the University Libraries takes pride in offering students a collaborative classroom environment that maximizes hands-on learning. Combining innovative, active learning techniques with a "thoughtfully experimental" approach to curriculum design, faculty in Information Literacy & Undergraduate Support teach one-shot sessions and credit-bearing courses to familiarize students with library research techniques and tools.

Campus Partnerships and Area Outreach

Information Literacy & Undergraduate Support provides student-centered learning opportunities for a variety of groups and programs, including:

  • Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences (ASLS)
  • Center for Human Enrichment
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice (CRJ)
  • English 122 & 123
  • History
  • Honors Program
  • Student-Athlete Academic Success Office
  • University 101

Faculty in Information Literacy & Undergraduate Support are enthusiastic about talking with campus faculty and staff about meeting specific group and program needs.

"Now I am aware of the resources the library has to offer as well as how to use those resources. This information is no longer abstract, but rather concrete."

- LIB 160 student

Information literacy field test badge

Our Approach

Information Literacy & Undergraduate Support faculty create concept-specific activities, online learning objects, and instructional videos to address a variety of learning styles. Activities are mapped to defined Student Learning Outcomes, assessed, and measured against pre-determined benchmarks for continuous improvement.

Information Literacy Best Practices Model Program