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Student Employment

Student employment at the music library is typically composed of UNC students who are awarded work study through the financial aid process.  It's a great way to help pay for your education and also provides invaluable tools and experience to individuals integrating into the workforce.

Whether checking in materials at the circulation desk, helping to process new materials in the workroom, shelving materials in their proper place, or working on various other library projects, our student employees play an important role in the function of the Skinner Music Library.

We hire a number of new student employees each semester and staff anywhere between 8 and 15 student employees on a constant basis.  As our hours are reduced over the summer months, summer employment is usually reserved for veteran student employees who have become more adept with our unique processes.

Apply for Student Employment

If you're interested in student employment at the music library, we highly encourage you to apply.  Students interested in employment with the University Libraries may fill out the Skinner Music Library Student Employee Application Form and e-mail it as an attachment to Library Student Employment.

Student employee in Skinner Music Library

Book cart in Skinner Music Library

Books in Skinner Music Library

Student Employment FAQ's

Q:  Do you have to be a musician or be enrolled in the school of music to work at the music library?

A:  No, we welcome students from all backgrounds and encourage a diversity among staff to serve an equally diverse patron population.

Q:  I’ve never had a job before – is that a problem?

A:  Not at all; we pride ourselves in our commitment to our student employees.  We offer a level of training and support to ensure that all of our staff can enjoy their jobs while being confident in their work.

Q:  I love listening to music!  Is there ever an opportunity to put on some headphones on the job?

A:  Yes, actually!  At the music library, we do allow our student employees to listen to music while shelving materials; it's a fun way to stay focused and we like to support your interests, too.

Do you have a question about working at the Skinner Music Library?  If so, please feel welcome to send it to any of our dedicated staff and we will be happy to respond as soon as possible.

Join the Skinner Music Library Team!

All of our applications are reviewed for consideration, so apply today and come join the Music Library Team!  We rock, we boogie, we jam and all that jazz!