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UNC Library FAQs

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Circulation Services






UNC faculty, staff, and students must present a valid university ID card in order to check out materials. Colorado residents desiring circulation privileges at UNC Libraries may apply for a community borrower (non-UNC or "NUNC") card free of charge and must also present this card when checking out materials. You are responsible for all items checked out on your account, so never lend your card to others, and notify us immediately if it has been lost or stolen. 


Books and scores:

  • UNC students: 1 semester, with 2 renewals possible
  • UNC faculty/staff: 1 semester, with unlimited renewals possible
  • non-UNC (NUNC) patrons: 4 weeks, with 2 renewals possible
  • Recordings (all formats): 1 week, with 2 renewals possible

Reference items: do not circulate

Periodicals: students: 2 hours; faculty: 2 days

Reserve items: loan term varies according to parameters requested by assigning faculty; no renewals

Microforms: circulate according to the same terms as the analogous print items (e.g. a microfilm of a book circulates like a book).

Exceptions are made under compelling circumstances with the approval of the Music Library staff. Please note that you cannot renew an item if another patron has requested it. Also, any item on your account for more than four weeks is subject to recall at the request of another patron. For more information, see "Holds and Recalls" below.


You can renew items in any of four ways:

  • Call the staff at the Music Library (970-351-2439) and request a renewal.
  • Send the Music Library a renewal request by e-mail
  • Ask Music Library staff for a renewal when you visit the Music Library;
  • Use the "Login" link in The Source online catalog, or go directly to your patron account to access your account and make renewals.
  • If using the online renewal on your account, be sure to follow through to make sure that the transaction is complete with a new due date.
  • There are cases in which a renewal cannot be completed and your original due date may remain the same.

Holds, Recalls, and Requests

If you need an item that is currently checked out to another patron, you can place a hold on the item. The patron who currently has the item checked out will not be able to renew the item, and you will be notified when it is returned.

You may ask the staff to place a hold on an item for you, or you can do it yourself while using The Source, the online catalog. If the item is checked out, choose the "Request" option on the screen and provide your patron information at the prompts. You will be notified by e-mail when your held items are ready for checkout.

Note that if there's an available copy of the item you need at one of the Prospector member libraries, you'll usually get it more quickly via Prospector than by placing a hold on our own copy. Click here to get more information about the Prospector service.

The item will be held for you at the front desk for three days.

If you need an item that another patron has had for more than four weeks, you can ask us to place a recall on it for you.  When an item is recalled, the patron is given a new due date enabling you to get it sooner. Items not returned by the new due date are considered overdue and fines are doubled.

Please note that we cannot place holds or recalls on Reserve items or periodicals.

If an item is on the shelf, its status will be listed as "AVAILABLE". If you would like a library staff member to retrieve the item for you at the circulation desk you may select "REQUEST". The item will be pulled from the shelf. Please allow 24 hours for that item to be retrieved. You will receive an email when the item is available. It will be held under your name for three days.

Please note that we cannot place holds or recalls on Reserve items.

If you did not bring your UNC ID/library card with you, we will be glad to hold the item(s) for you until the close of the next business day.

Proper Return of Library Materials

Return library materials through the book drop at the Circulation Desk. When the Library is closed, return materials to the outside book drop located on the right-hand side of the front door entrance to the Music Library. Please do not return recordings to the outside book drop, since they are easily damaged and you may be charged for such damage. The Library is not responsible for items left outside the drops.

Items returned to the outside book drop will be removed from your account effective beginning of the next day the Music Library is open.

You may also return items to Michener Library or its book drops, but this may delay the removal of the items from your account until they arrive at the Music Library.

Overdues; Lost or Damaged Items

You will receive a courtesy notice by e-mail shortly before your items are due. Once an item is overdue you will receive as many as three notices: the first by e-mail and the other two by U.S. mail. If you are a UNC student, staff or faculty borrower, email notices are sent to your UNC e-mail account, so be sure to check this account regularly. Also be sure that the University has your current address in order to ensure receipt of notices sent by the U.S. mail. In all cases, failure to receive a notice does not affect charges.

Fines have been eliminated for most library materials. There are still overdue fines for Course Reserves, and a library user will be charged for replacement of any item that is significantly overdue. Details here.

Items returned with damage beyond normal usage may be repaired or replaced at the borrower's expense.

Reserve Collection

Items are placed in the Music Library Reserve Collection at the request of faculty for their class assignments. They circulate for short periods of time in order to make them equally available to everyone. Patrons are limited to six reserve items on their accounts at any time.

Please note that fines are higher for reserve items. The fine for 2- and 4-hour reserve items is $1.00 per hour per item; for 1-day and 3-day items, $5.00 per day per item. Please note that there is no maximum fine on reserve items. If a reserve item is lost, stolen, or damaged while on your account, contact us immediately. In all cases, failure to receive a notice does not affect charges.

Notebook PCs

The Skinner Music Library has notebook PCs available for use by current UNC students, faculty, and staff.  In order to check out a notebook PC you must have a current UNC ID card in your possession and you must be in the library database as a currently registered patron.  Notebook PCs can be checked out at the Circulation Desk upon presenting your ID card and signing the User Agreement. Borrowers are financially responsible for any damage to or loss of the PC.

  • Notebook PCs may be used in the library only, for up to three hours.
  • Notebooks are not renewable (exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances, such as taking comprehensive exams).
  • A cord, adapter and case are included for each notebook PC, all of which must be returned together at the same time.  The PC cannot be checked in until all parts are accounted for.
  • Late charges will be imposed automatically.  Fines will be set at $25.00 per hour until billed.
  • Damage to any components or accessories will be charged as appropriate.
  • PCs not returned after 24 hours from the time due or returned without all internal or external components intact will be billed at $2,600.00.  There will be a $100.00 non-refundable processing charge for all notebook PCs that are billed.
  • The notebook PC user is responsible for saving all data to a USB device or other media.  All data saved to the hard drive will be lost at shutdown.
  • The Internet can be accessed from most locations in the library; special adapters are not required.


See our Photocopying and Media Duplication Policy.