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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates | Fall 2021 Plans

University Libraries COVID-19 FAQ

  • What hours are University Libraries open?

    Both Michener and Skinner Music Libraries are now open to the public and have returned to normal Fall semester hours.

    Click here to view Michener Library hours.

    Click here to view Skinner Library hours.

  • Are there any special coronavirus precautions at the Libraries?

    Yes. Masks are required at all times in Michener and Skinner Music Libraries. Furniture and computers have been spread apart to facilitate social distancing, and plexiglass barriers will help keep users and employees safe during interactions. Please follow posted signage about safety measures.

    The Libraries are open for browsing, checkout and hold pickup as usual. Please email libraries@unco.edu for information about reduced contact materials pickup.

    Because the Libraries are large spaces with many users, we need your help to keep everyone safe. While there will be increased custodial services, they can’t take care of everything. Please use provided cleaning supplies, located on tables around the buildings, to wipe down any computer or table surface you use. Library employees will clean high use surfaces more often. There are containers with white board markers on the tables with cleaning supplies. Please put used markers in the “dirty” cup, so they can be cleaned for the next user. If you find you need a pencil, pen, or highlighter, please take it with you.

    All materials returned to library book drops will be quarantined for 4 days before being checked in, in order to minimize the risk of spreading the virus to library employees and other library users. Reserve items like the skeletons and medical models will be cleaned between uses by library staff.

    If you can’t find something you need, like cleaning supplies, or if you notice we are out of something, please notify library staff, so we can assist.

  • With masks being required, are food and drink still allowed in the library? 

    Yes. We know studying can take a lot out of you, so food and drink are allowed in Michener and Skinner Music Libraries. Dining Services even runs the Coffee Cart in Michener Library, but we’re not a restaurant, so our rules are a little different when it comes to wearing your face covering. 

    To minimize the amount of time you need to remove your face covering, we ask that you do not remove it the entire time you are eating or drinking, like you can in the Dining Hall or local restaurants. Please remove your face covering while you are taking a drink or a bite, and then put it back on. Also remember to keep socially distanced and wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating.

    While the weather is nice, you can also eat outside and if you are alone, you can temporarily remove your face covering. Feel free to sit on the large concrete squares in front of Michener Library or the grassy spaces in front of Skinner Music Library, and enjoy your food al fresco!

    If you have questions or concerns about the food and drink policy, please email libraries@unco.edu.

  • Can I check out or return a laptop?

    Yes, laptops are available! Students can check out a laptop at the Michener Library Information & Services desk for the whole semester or for one week. We also have headphones for use in the library, webcams to check out for one week, and headsets with microphones that are free while supplies last.

    If you checked out a laptop during the spring semester, please return it when you’re on campus, and check out a new one if you need it. IM&T needs to update all laptops checked out last spring.

  • I had library books or other items checked out when the campus closed in March. Are those items overdue?

    No, all items due in March or later were renewed to a new due date of August 28. Please return items if you’re done with them; you will not receive any overdue charges for items that were not yet due when campus closed. If you still need the items, please renew them (click here to renew, or contact library staff).

    Please note: all materials returned to library book drops are quarantined for 4 days before being checked in. We will make sure you are not charged any overdue fines due to the extra quarantine period, but items will still appear as checked out to you for at least 4 days after you drop them in a return. Please email libraries@unco.edu or contact library staff if you have any questions.

  • I returned an item two days ago but the library shows it’s still checked out to me. What’s up with that? 

    All materials returned to library book drops will be quarantined for 4 days before being checked in, in order to minimize the risk of spreading the virus to library employees and other library users. We will make sure you are not charged any overdue fines due to the extra quarantine period, but items will still appear as checked out to you for at least 4 days after you drop them in a return. Please email libraries@unco.edu or contact library staff if you have any questions.

  • I’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 or quarantined and can’t pick up my materials. What should I do?

    Please send an email to libraries@unco.edu with your request, and we will determine the best course of action to get you needed materials.

  • What if I need help with a research question or finding something online? 

    For online assistance, email your question to libraries@unco.edu or reach out to your liaison librarian.

    If you want to set up a virtual appointment to meet with your liaison librarian, complete this form and someone will follow up.

  • How do I know what journals are available through University Libraries when using Google Scholar?

    Follow these steps:

    1. In an internet browser, go to https://scholar.google.com/  
    2. In the upper, left-hand corner of the screen, click on the three horizontal lines that indicate a menu
    3. From the menu, click on Settings or the image of a gear
    4. Click on Library Links
    5. Type in “University of Northern Colorado” and click Search
    6. Click in the boxes next to “University of Northern Colorado – Find it at UNC” and “University of Northern Colorado – FindIt@UNC”
    7. Click Save
    8. When you clear you history/cache/cookies, you will need to repeat this process again

    This video demonstrates how to navigate Google Scholar settings in order to use the “Find it @ UNC” link.

    After setting up UNC affiliation in Google Scholar “Find it at UNC” will appear by journals available through University Libraries:

    Screen shot of Google Scholar showing "Find it at UNC" link

  • Can the Libraries provide online access to my textbook?

    Maybe. Most textbook publishers do not sell e-books to libraries. However, University Libraries is ready to help faculty and students find alternative methods to accessing needed reading.

    If you are a professor, please contact your liaison librarian to see if your particular textbook can be purchased online, if chapters of the textbook can be scanned and put on e-reserve, or to find alternative text available online that meets the needs of your teaching.

    If you are a student, please contact your professor.

    If you have further questions, about this or any other topic, feel free to email libraries@unco.edu.

  • Can I request items through Prospector and Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

    Yes. Prospector is available from a number of libraries around the state. Not all Prospector libraries are currently loaning materials, but more and more are coming online each week. ILL materials are also being ordered and received from participating libraries. If your order cannot be filled, you will be notified.

  • What if I need access to materials on reserve?

    Electronic Reserve materials are available online, and Course Reserve materials are available for checkout at the circulation desk of Michener Library and Skinner Music Library, with safety procedures in place.

  • What if I want to place physical materials on reserve for a class I’m teaching?

    Due to safety concerns related to the coronavirus, University Libraries has changed the handling of print materials, and this will affect Course Reserve offerings. Minimizing the number of print materials on Reserve will also ease the transition if UNC has to make another sudden shift to online-only learning.

    Items with plastic cases such as DVDs and CDs can still be checked out for a short time and will be cleaned upon return. However, paper materials including books and photocopies must be quarantined for 72 hours after each use. This makes a traditional 2- or 4-hour Reserve checkout impractical, but if you want to provide a longer checkout period, please let us know.

     If you had print materials on Reserve for your course in previous semesters, please consider alternatives this year:

    • Make selections of course materials available via Electronic Reserve. University Libraries will use a Fair Use analysis to determine how much of a given work can be placed on Electronic Reserve. One article or chapter from a larger work is almost always a Fair Use; more will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
    • Point your students to materials available through databases and publications already licensed by University Libraries.
    • Work with your subject liaison to find other appropriate sources that are freely available online.
    • Work with your subject liaison to request additional ebook access for a given text. This should be considered a last resort since ebook access for multiple users can be cost-prohibitive.

    Library staff will contact instructors who currently have materials on Reserve to discuss options for this fall.

    For more information about Michener Library Course Reserves, please contact Cat Hildebrand or Sarah Vaughn. If you’d like to add new material to Reserve, you can submit materials electronically with this form, or bring materials for scanning to the Michener Library Information & Services desk.

    For more information about Skinner Music Library Course Reserves, please contact Emily Ruge or visit the Skinner Music Library Circulation Desk.

  • Can I schedule an instruction session for my class?

    Yes! We are excited to work with you in creating an instruction session that best meets the needs of your class and teaching modality. Please complete this form to start the process.

  • Are there copyright limits on what I can post to my Canvas shell?

    The Libraries has a research guide focused on copyright issues. If you have additional questions, please email libraries@unco.edu.

  • Can I donate books and other materials to the Libraries?

    We are unable to accept donations of books and other materials at this time.