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Proposed Revisions to the LAC

The Liberal Arts Council and the Academic Portfolio Task Force subgroup on the Liberal Arts Core (Core) have developed the following proposal for revisions to the Core.  The Council is asking for feedback on this proposal from the campus community. 

Reasons for Revisions

This discussion began with the goal of streamlining requirements in order to improve student retention and graduation rates and improving the Core experience for students.  In addition, the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) has modified their policy surrounding the Colorado Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (gtP) General Education Core.  UNC can no longer require transfer students to complete different core requirements than those specified in gtP Core.  The proposed options below accommodate this requirement, ensure that all students (whether transfers or not) face the same requirements, and maintain UNC’s commitment to multicultural and international studies.

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Provide Feedback

Feedback will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 15.


  • Change the name of UNC’s general education program to the Liberal Arts Foundation
  • Reduce the minimum number of required credits from 40 to 31 or 34 (the “31+3” option) as follows:
    • U.S. Multicultural Studies – minimum 3 credits (can double count in gtP core)
    • International Studies – minimum 3 credits (can double count in gtP core)
    • “Extra” category – minimum 3 credits [would be included ONLY in the “31+3” option]. The Council is seeking feedback on what students and faculty would like to see this category called as well as what courses it should include.  Suggestions from the Council include:
      • Critical Thinking and/or Literacy Skills (including literacy in math, tech, media, evaluating information, etc.)
      • Interdisciplinary Studies (might include a course that integrates courses from the foundation)
      • Career Readiness (The National Association of Colleges and Employers identifies eight key competencies for Career Readiness: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving; Oral/Written Communication; Teamwork/Collaboration; Digital Technology; Leadership; Professionalism/Work Ethic; Career Management; Global/Intercultural Fluency)
    • Colorado Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (gtP) General Education Core – minimum 31 credits
  • Examples of Catalog Copy