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Core Matters

Core Matters is produced by the Outreach & Communication Committee (OCC), an ad hoc committee of the Liberal Arts Council. The OCC educates the campus community about the goals, benefits, and outcomes of the Liberal Arts Core.

 Faculty and advisers can consult Core Matters for detailed descriptions of LAC content area learning outcomes, timelines for new course proposals, policy changes, and much more.

Students can visit the Core Matters site for descriptions about select LAC course offerings and to meet faculty across content areas who are teaching LAC courses. Watch for our Shapchats or visit our Snapchat archive!

Propose a New Course for the Liberal Arts Core!

For information on how to proposal a new course for the LAC, please click here

Want to Know More About the Liberal Arts Core?

Navigating the LAC can be daunting whether you are a first-year student or a senior preparing for graduation. In order to help you make wise choices and to introduce you to the Core, the eight areas that compose the LAC, individual courses, and the faculty teaching them, the Liberal Arts Core Council sponsors Snapchats, Instagram posts, and other social media events. Watch for our posts on UNC social media or check them out in our archive!

Shapchat #1: What is the LAC? Focus Area 3: Arts and Humanities

(Featuring Dr. Jenny Urbach, Special Education and Dr. Jeri Kraver, English)