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Leadership Studies Minor

The Leadership Studies minor at UNC provides an opportunity for all UNC undergraduates to engage in the academic study and ethical practice of leadership. We believe that collaborative, effective leadership is foundational for strong communities, and we are proud of our student and alumni record of service to others.

Our program is firmly committed to the teaching and practice of social justice- the view that everyone deserves equitable economic, political, environmental and social rights and opportunities. Our classes incorporate this concept into the curriculum and ask students to practice advocacy through experiential learning. We aim to promote a just society by cultivating a program and community that fosters inclusivity and challenges injustice.

The Leadership Studies minor curriculum fosters leadership development through both theory and experiential learning. We offer an innovative, intellectually rigorous curriculum designed to address multiple facets of what it means to be a leader. We hope you will consider joining our active community of leader-scholars and working with us to generate positive change in local and global communities.

Program Mission: 

The purpose of the Leadership undergraduate degree minor is to develop students to become socially just and ethical leaders through the study of leadership theory. Students will demonstrate engaged leadership practice within a systemic and global framework.

Program Outcomes:

Students declared in the Leadership Studies minor will:

  • identify and understand contemporary leadership theories and research.

  • develop a critical consciousness of self and apply social and ecological justice, globalism, and ethics to leadership practices.

  • demonstrate systems thinking, empathy, and perspective-talking.

  • reflect upon social, cultural, political and enterprise contexts.

  • demonstrate an ability to engage in leadership through a practical setting.