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Course Design

Many of the decisions affecting the success of a course takes place long before the first day of class. Careful planning at the course design stage not only makes teaching easier and more enjoyable for you, it also helps facilitate student learning and provides students with a quality, effective experience.  A successful course design contains several important features.  For example, based upon field expert L. Dee Fink, author of Creating Significant Learning Experiences, the first feature of successful course design is understanding your students and creating significant learning outcomes that focus on the students—their situation and needs.  Next, design engaging learning activities that give students opportunities to interact with you, with each other, and with the content in meaningful ways.  Then, prepare learning assessments that will gauge how well students attain the learning outcomes. Finally, be sure all components are effectively aligned with one another. 

Significant Learning Outcomes 

Graphic Adapted from Fink, L.D. (2003). Creating Significant Learning Experiences, Jossey-Bass.

Our team offerers you several resources to successfully design a course. These resources include using Quality Matters standards, to helpful guides and strategies to design a high quality course. Follow the links below to find out more. 

Quality Matters

Learn about implementing quality standards in your courses to help students become successful learners.

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Planning Your Course

Learn to re-think and design your courses for online and face-to-face environments, incorporating tools and resources available for you online.

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Teaching Resources at UNC

Explore resources for course development, pedagogy, and best practices.

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