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The Instructional Design and Development team at the University of Northern Colorado assists with designing and developing courses that incorporate quality standards and use best practices in online learning.

As a team, we work directly with you to translate your teaching models into online content. This includes everything from the course structure to the way content is presented to how you will encourage discussion and interaction, establish methods for evaluation and measure outcomes.

We offer a wide range of services, workshops, and support. Some services that we provide are:


Course Design and Pedagogy

  • Incorporate Quality Matters standards into course design
  • Format and elements of a comprehensive syllabus
  • Learning objectives that are clear and measurable
  • Learning materials and activities that support objectives
  • Assessments (projects, exams, discussions) that measure the achievement of objectives
  • Assist with the course structure and organization

Course Development

  • Provide consulting and coaching on structuring a course and uploading content
  • Consult on content creation, curation, and design (converting content to online environment)
  • Consult on visual imagery including creating custom course banners, Home Pages, and other graphics
  • Create interactive content using innovative technology and Web 2.0 tools
  • Work with faculty course developers to apply Quality Matters principles to course development

Course Maintenance

  • Provide assistance with updating dates, checking links, file cleaning, re-organization of materials.

Learning Management System Support

  • Collaborate with Information Technology to ensure that useful and accurate support materials are available for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Create, manage, and maintain user documentation available online.
  • Offer an Orientation to Online Learning for students enrolled in UNC online courses.

We have variety of resources available. Our website includes quick reference guides, a Digital Tool Box loaded with educational technologies you can use in your online classes. The Teaching Academy for Online Learning where you can be trained in implementing Quality Matters in your online course.

Throughout the academic year, we also offer a wide-range of workshops with topics including how to use our Learning Management System Canvas, content curation, and instructional design and development for example, Planning Your Online Course. These workshops are scheduled in person on the Greeley campus.