Starting in August, students were able to see their student bills for the fall semester. They can see their room and board, tuition and fees, health insurance, parking permits and more added to the bill.

However, they will not see their financial aid applied to the bill just yet.

If all requirements satisfied, aid pays out the first week of each semester and will pay toward anything due on your student bill. The funds go straight to your bill first and anything left over is a refund for you to use for educational expenses like books/supplies and/or living expenses like rent, insurance, utilities or going out money.

If you have accepted enough in aid to generate a refund check, you can pick them up at Bear Central. If you have direct deposit set up with the University, please check your bank account to see if the transaction is completed. If you are not sure if you set up direct deposit, please feel free to call the Cashiers Office at 970-351-4862 for assistance.