The University of Northern Colorado is now offering a tuition insurance plan known as GradGuard. GradGuard will protect your tuition bill and provide a refund in cases of emergencies.

What is tuition insurance? 

Tuition insurance helps you overcome possible financial losses and is intended to relieve you from stress. If an emergency were to happen and you are forced to withdraw from your classes, GradGuard will cover most of your expenses.

Why is tuition insurance important?

The university's new "Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Policy (link below)" will no longer be providing refunds after the drop deadline, which may affect your tuition refund, even in cases of emergencies. GradGuard has a range of options for you to choose from. Each option comes with different levels of coverage to fit your needs.

 What does GradGuard Cover?

GradGuard covers your financial losses if your withdrawal for reasons such as a serious covered injury or illness, chronic illness, and a psychological condition. The Tuition Insurance covers the following expenses: tuition, room and board, and other fees.

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UNC Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Policy has Changed

UNC has changed the “Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Policy.” The biggest difference in the revised policy is that there is no refund of tuition and fees when you completely withdraw from all classes after the withdraw deadline.