Here are some easy things you can do to prepare for the upcoming semester. It is best to keep ahead of the game and get these done early. 

1. Review your student bill

 You can find your bill in Ursa under the "Financial" tab. You have 24/7 access to the student bill.

2. Health Insurance Waiver 

If you have health insurance, be sure to waive the cost of UNC adding you to their plan. The Health Insurance Waiver is located in Ursa in the "Student" tab located under the "Student Application" subhead. 

3. COF

For those who are a Colorado resident and a undergraduate student you can apply for the Colorado Opportunity Fund Stipend.  You must complete the  Colorado Opportunity Fund Authorization and the Colorado Resident Stipend Application. They are located under the "Financial Aid" tab in your Ursa account.

4. Check your Financial Aid

You want to double check there are not any pending requirements needed on your account.  Select any words in RED which will take you to instructions or a form to fill out and return to us before an award letter is provided.

5. Set up your direct deposit

This simple step will allow any refunds or work study checks to deposit directly into your bank account so you do not have to run around town doing it. You can find the form on the Payroll Office website.

If you have any questions visit the Office of Financial Aid located in the Campus Commons.