Managing your finances can be stressful and overwhelming. However, there are many resources and programs available. You might be wondering what is financial wellness and why is it important? Financial wellness is referring to how managing all of your financial expenses It is very important because you want to control and manage properly all of your finances successfully. As a college student, you may have student debt and other financial expenses such as groceries, bills, car payments etc. which can be stressful. It is important to start getting organized and plan on your finances.  

Financial wellness should be planned within a short and long-term. There are many programs that are available to you such as Salt and CashCourse. These programs are created to provide you with references and help you manage all of your finances in an organized way.

To get started you can create an account by visiting the above links. Another bonus with these programs is they are completely free!

  • Salt is an online program that will help you manage and pay for college tuition as well as prepare you for your financial future. The program is designed for you to relieve some stress.
  • CashCourse is also an online program that guides your financial expenses and provides you with financial skills. CashCourse is a budgeting tool the online program tracks your progress and gives you resources on a variety of topics that may interest you.

Another Financial resource is the FAFSA it is a free application for federal student aid. If you have more questions regarding on your Financial Aid you can go to the Office of Financial Aid located in the Campus Commons (Bear Central).