Class have just begun and it’s time to make sure all your financial aid ducks are in a row. Here are a few important tasks to complete that will help you prepare for the semester ahead! Put these items at the top of your to do list…

Check out the Financial tab in Ursa

Check the Eligibility Requirements under the "Financial" tab for any outstanding documents needed from you. If there is an outstanding item, it will be indicated in RED. Select the Eligibility Requirement wording above the RED wording. The Unsatisfied Requirements section on the top will list what is needed from you. Select the item and it will take you to instructions or a form which will need to be turned in to us with physical signatures

Set up a direct deposit

If you don’t want to have to run to the bank and deposit any refunds or payroll checks, then feel free to sign up for Direct Deposit. You can use any banking institution to have your checks direct deposited. You can set up your direct deposit at Bear Central located in the Campus Commons.

Complete the Health Insurance Waiver

Please be sure to fill out the health insurance waiver if you have insurance and do not need it through UNC. You can find it on your Ursa account under the Financial tab on the bottom left of the page. You will need to add your group plan to the waiver. If you do not waive it by the drop deadline, 10 days after school starts, the University has to cover you and you will be charged for insurance on your student bill.

Complete the Work Authorization Form

If you have accepted your work study funds, please log into your Bear email and print off the Work Authorization form. You will need your original social security card, identification card or Passport to fill out the form in front of your supervisor.

Check your E-Bill 

To see your E-Bill log into your Ursa account. Under the "Financial" tab you will notice "Pay/View eBill or Bear Pay and then select the term. You will be able to see the balance you owe and the due date. You also have the option to apply for Bear Pay which is a monthly payment plan. 

Have questions or need more information? Contact the Office of Financial Aid or stop by Bear Central.