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Fall 2019 UNC Job, Internship, and Graduate School Fair

Job, Internship, & Graduate School Fair

Elizabeth Mahoney Elizabeth Mahoney
September 16, 2019

Should all UNC students attend the Fall UNC Job, Internship and Graduate School fair? Are you one of the many UNC students who are not graduating this semester? It is a myth that career fairs are for graduating seniors and we are here to tell you that is not true.

Here are some of the reasons based upon your year in school why you should attend a career fair even if you are not graduating this semester.

First-Year Students should attend the fair because

  1. You will get to see what the event looks like, meet recruiters from organizations and graduate programs that typically attend the UNC Job, Internship, and Graduate School Fair each semester. This will help you when you are attending the job fair feel more comfortable with the event.
  2. You will have a chance to learn more about companies/industry information, learn about the world of work, and build connections within that world of work. You will have a greater understanding of industry information and the types of jobs employers are hiring for at the event.

Second-Year Students should attend the fair because

  1. As a second-year student you are getting acclimated to campus and college life. You are experiencing more classes that focus on your major. You may still not be sure what you want to do with your major or considering some different options of what to do with your major. Attending career fairs and meeting employers allow students the opportunity to ask questions, learn more about what they can do with their degree, and gain real world information about their employment opportunities after UNC.
  2. During the fall semester employers are not only looking to hire students after graduation but they are also focusing their recruiting efforts to summer internship programs. More competitive and paid internship programs are often found by students for the next summer during fall campus fairs.

Third Year Students should attend the fair because

  1. This is prime time to meet employers and start building your connections/network within your industry. Many of the organizations who attend the fair have employees who are UNC Alumni and who are a natural connection for you. You can get insider information about the organization.
  2. Are you looking at a career that requires advanced education? Students who research different graduate programs early are more successful finding a program that is right for them, gaining admittance into your preferred program. Additionally, this is a great time to learn about funding support like Graduate, Teaching, and Research Assistantships. Planning early helps students take the necessary steps to being successful in the search and application process of graduate programs and assistantships. 

Fourth Year Students should attend the fair because

  1. On average it takes an individual 3-6 months of a job search to obtain a position after graduation. Employers attending fairs in the fall expect to meet students who are December graduates and May graduates. Attending the career fair, the fall of your senior year will help you have a better chance at being employed by the end of your college career.
  2. Considering graduate school after UNC? Many graduate school admissions are due early spring so attending the fair in the fall will help you gain information about different programs for your consideration and help you develop an application plan.

As you can see there are many reasons all UNC students should attend the fair. Are you not seeing employers who are hiring or graduate programs for your major at the fair? Should you still go to the fair. The simple answer is “Yes” you should go! Many employers who attend the UNC fairs are hiring for all majors. You may meet a recruiter from an organization or graduate program in which you are interested in and discuss your interests in the organizations/University in order to expand your knowledge of the world of work and build your connections.

UNC's Job Internship & Graduate School Fair will be Wednesday October 9, 2019 in the University Center Ballrooms from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. For more information visit here or any links below. 

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