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Roles in Residence Halls

North Hall Front Desk

July 03, 2019

Our residence halls serve as a home to a large number of UNC students. 

At UNC, we have specialized roles that help make our halls welcoming and supportive for students. Here’s an insight to a few.

Hall Directors

The hall directors are essentially responsible for the happenings in tehri assigned residence hall. They are supervisors to the RA’s , desk assistants, and other student staff members within the building. They also work with room changes, conducts, and other issues that students may need help in resolving.

Desk Assistance

These are the student staff members that run the front desks. These can consist of RA’s, students who live in hall, and students who live off campus.

RHA Buddies

These student staff members are executive members of the Residence Hall Association (RHA). There are responsible for not only their selective duties, but for serving as a communication line between students in the halls and RHA. They also help community councils and help them get the attention needed.

 This does not reach the extension of the roles within the residence halls, but these are some of the specialized staff members. Often, students do not know that these specialized roles exist. Do not be afraid to utilize them, as they are there to help you.

Resident Assistants

These are the student staff member that live within he residence halls and serve as a guide and mentor for students. Each RA is assigned their own residents who they oversee, in hopes of giving them support for a smooth transition into this new part of life and new school year. They also perform tasks such as making door decorations, creating bulletin boards, hanging up posters, and putting on programs. They work to build community and a home away from home for their students. Some Resident Assistants also have specialized positions:

The RLC RA’s are located within the Residential Learning Communities. These are communities that students of specific majors can choose to live. Some examples include the Pre-Nursing RLC and the Business RLC.  In addition to the general RA duties, they provide weekly tutoring hours, support for their majors, and major specific programming.

Social Justice RA’s
This new position is fulfilled by and RA who has a focus on bring social justice into the halls. In addition to their general RA duties, they have conversations around social justice, provide resources, conduct weekly office hours, and serve as a resource for students who may have questions or concerns about things related to diversity and inclusion.

Academic Mentors
These RA’s strive to bring an academic focus into the halls. In addition to their RA duties, they provide academic resources, put on academic programs, and spend time focusing on student outreach.