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Moving Out and Moving Forward

UNC Student in Residence Hall using laptop.

May 16, 2018

As we reach the last part of finals week, it also comes time to move out of the residence halls. With finals, this can be stressful, but with a few tips and tricks, this process can be better! Here are some steps, and helpful hints to a smooth move out:

Set up a checkout time
Be sure to set up a time to check out with your RA or another in the building. Make sure this is after all of your finals. Also be sure that you will have time to move everything out of your room and clean!

Sort your belongings
Before you pack up your stuff, look through them and sort out things you may not need! Take the time to pick out old clothes, unopened food, old furniture, or any other items you may no longer want! Decide what is still usable and consider donating it to Bear Essential. Anything that cannot be used by someone else, THROW AWAY! UNC provides large dumpsters outside of living communities for this purpose.

Start to pack 
Put items in boxes, bins, and others forms of storage. Make sure they’re sturdy and stable to prevent problems while transporting. You don’t want to have broken boxes or bins!

Take down decorations 
Once everything is packed up and condensed, take down your decorations. Be sure to be careful when taking down 3M products as they can still cause damage! It helps to have a separate form of storage for these as they won’t get damaged and they will all be together when it comes time to move in for the fall.

Move out
This part is easy. It’s time to move out your items and pack them in your car.

Be sure to vacuum, wipe down dust, clean the vanity and bathroom areas, and anything else that may need cleaning. Most front desks will have a waiting list for cleaning supplies around move out, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of time!

Check out
Once your room is clean, wait for your checkout time and then meet your RA at the desk. Be on time, as this will make checkout easier for both you and the RA.

Say goodbyes
This is possibly one of the worst/best parts of moving out of the residence halls. As you say goodbye to your friends, you will also be saying goodbye to the Hall staff, memories, and your semester at UNC. Be sure to say goodbye to those you need to, because you won’t see them for the whole summer.

Begin your summer 
Summer as a college student can be different. You are likely to be going home to live with your family or living in your first house or apartment. Wherever you may be living, use this as a time to reconnect with old friends, see your family, and make new connections. 

See you in the next semester Bears!