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How Does My Meal Plan Work?


August 28, 2020

Meal plans are loaded onto your UNC ID Card and can be used at UNC’s Dining locations. We’ve put together a quick overview to show you where you can use your Meal Plans. UNC Dining Services also offers Bear On The Run and Gourmet To Go options for many of the dining locations to keep lines moving while following COVID-19 guidelines.

Each dining location offers different meal and food options. We encourage students to try all locations out for an assortment of choices. We understand that your college dining experience is vastly different this semester, and UNC's Dining Services is working hard to provide students with a variety of food options while following the federal, state, and local COVID-19 guidelines. 

Use Your Meal Plan At

Holmes Dining Hall

Holmes is located just south of Turner Hall and Lawrenson Hall on west campus. You can choose to eat in the dining room (limited seating, and COVID-19 guidelines are in effect), or you can choose to do Bear On The Run or Gourmet To Go.

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Holmes Gourmet To Go

Located in Holmes Dining Hall, it's directly in front of you when you walk through the front doors. This is a quicker option that allows customers to grab their meal and go.

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The University Center (UC) Dining

Located on the first floor of the University Center, UC Dining, accepts meal plans and offers a convenient location with extended meal hours. Students can also have a limited dine-in experience here or grab and go.  

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Turner Gourmet To Go Window

The Turner Hall Gourmet To Go Window offers a convenient location on west campus for students to get a meal on the go. The walk-up window is located on the west side of Turner.

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Tobey-Kendel (TK) Gourmet To Go

Tobey-Kendel (TK) Gourmet To Go is located on central campus in Tobey-Kendel Hall. For Fall 2020, Tobey-Kendel is a Gourmet To Go option. While the weather is nice, you can take advantage of the many picnic tables located across central campus green spaces to eat your meal. Also, the residence halls have community spaces that allow for a comfortable dining setting.

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Dining Dollars

If you have Dining Dollars included in your Meal Plan, you can use them at any on-campus retail dining location. Students can also add Dining Dollars anytime by logging into their Dining Contract. Dining Dollars allow you to purchase food and beverage items at campus retail dining locations using your UNC card. Many of our On-Campus Meal Plans include Dining Dollars, but any student can purchase Dining Dollars in increments of $25. Parents can also add Dining Dollars on their student’s account (see link below).

Use Dining Dollars At

  • Einstein Bros® Bagels (UC first floor, near east entrance): Einstein Bros® Bagels is UNC’s on-campus bagel shop serving freshly baked bagels, breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, coffee, catering and much more.
  • Munchy Mart (UC first floor, south side of east stairway): UNC’s campus convenience store, Munchy Mart, provides a variety of grab-and-go products, including breakfast options, beverages, salads and go-to essentials (Tylenol, gum, allergy medicine, etc.).
  • Subway® (UC first floor, near east entrance): Subway® is a healthy way to grab a bite to-go. Choose from healthy sub sandwiches, breakfast options, and salads.
  • Sushi With Gusto® (UC first floor, near west entrance): With signature recipes and sushi bar options, Sushi With Gusto® offers fresh, nutritious dining options, as well as vegetarian options, and is a great choice for health-conscious consumers.
  • Coffee Corner at Michener Library, (West Campus middle floor in Michener Library, near the main north entrance): This is the only coffee shop outside of the UC, providing West Campus with the best drip coffee, mixed brewed coffee drinks, lattes, and baked goods.