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Take Advantage of the Cool Resources UNC Libraries Have

Michener Library

Jordan Jenkins
September 12, 2019

As students, when we think of libraries we think of two things: studying and books; however, as UNC Bears, our libraries provide us access to some gems that you normally do not associate with the libraries. Here are some of the hidden gems of UNC Libraries that you should take advantage of: 

  • GoPros: There are two GoPro Hero 4 Cameras available to rent for one week at a time at Michener Library.  
  • Recording Studio:The studio is located on the second floor of Michener Library and it can provide all of your audio and video recording needs including cameras, microphones, and a green screen. The library even has some useful resources for getting started on your recordings to ensure that you produce your best work. 
  • Collaboration Spaces:Study rooms are available to rent on the second and third floor. They come in all shapes and sized and can therefore accommodate both large group and small group meetings. The larger rooms come equipped with a TV and HDMI chord which are useful for presentations and study groups. 
  • Playscripts: There is a whole section of playscripts available to rent; so ,if you need a scene, monologue, or simply want to read a play, go check out the third floor of Michener Library. 
  • Personal Liaison for your Studies: Each UNC school has its own subject liaison to assist you in all any and all of your research needs. There are over 16 Librarians for various subjects. 
  • Can't Find What You're Looking For?: If you can't find what you need at our library, UNC can order books from other libraries in Colorado.
  • Colorado State Park Pass and Backpacks:  You can rent a State Park Pass and Backpack which will gain you free access to Rocky Mountain State Park. For more information visit the Main Desk on the First Floor of Michener Library. 
  • Need a computer temporarily?: PC computers and Macbooks can be checked out for four hours at a time from both libraries.
  • Complete Music ScoresFor music students, and anyone else interested in music, Skinner Music Library, located on Central Campus, contains entire scores to rent. 
  • Bones!: You can rent a complete skeleton which is really helpful when studying for any anatomy class. 
  • Microfilms: Microfilms (scaled down newspapers and other documents) available to rent and are located on the second floor. 

Most of these goodies can be requested at the main desk on the first floor of MIchener Library. For any questions visit Michener or Skinner library website or stop by any student services desk within either library.