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Fall Break on Campus

Student on a hammock

November 14, 2018

For students, this is often one of the best, yet strangest times of the year. For students who live on campus, there are two options:

  • Spend Fall Break at Home
  • Spend Fall Break on Campus

There are a number of reasons that students choose to spend Fall Break on campus, be it because of travel expenses, work, inconvenience, or other circumstances. UNC allows students to remain living in the halls during this time. However, meals are not provided as the dining hall is closed.

However, there is an opportunity falling on the day that many celebrate Thanksgiving. This UNC’s Annual Fall Dinner, in which students living on campus can come and enjoy the evening together. This is a great way to make new connections and share the evening with people in similar circumstances.

If you are on campus over Fall break, there are a couple of different suggestion for how to spend your time:

  • Catch up on hobbies and personal activities
  • Explore around Greeley and neighboring towns
  • Prepare for finals week
  • Attend Fall Dinner
  • Spend time with friends and peers who may also be staying on campus or in the Greeley area

If you are staying on campus for Fall break, this can be a rough time also. Often, this is a week that families spend together, and is often the first-time students are not home for this experience. However, there are ways to stay in contact during this time, such as phone calls and video chat.