My career in fitness started at age 18 at a dive-gym on Colfax just outside of Denver. Since then, I’ve held a K-12 Physical Educator’s license for almost 20 years, and my Certified Personal Trainer certification for just over 10 years. Over the years, things change. Training practices change, strategies change, and techniques are tweaked here and there. One consistent observation I’ve made, however, is that many people have fitness/performance goals that they want to achieve in such little time. When my clients come to me with a big goal and a small amount of time to complete it, I give them some literature to read. The book is called The Three Little Pigs.

As the story goes, three little pigs went out into the world to take care of themselves. To have safety and well-being, each needed to build himself a house. Without wasting much precious free time, the first pig threw together a house of straw. It was quick and easy. The second pig spent a little more time building a house of sticks with some time to spare for fun. The third pig missed out on the fun that day. He worked hard building his house out of bricks and mortar. The materials were heavy, and the process was slow. When the Big Bad Wolf showed up, the first two pigs lost what little they had. The third pig’s house stood rock-solid against the Big Bad Wolf’s attack.

Your fitness/performance goals are no different. Just like a well-built home, every long-lasting goal is laid on a rock-solid foundation. Slow, but steady improvements decrease the risk of injuries and damage to your body, which set you back or even leave you worse off than when you first started. The Big Bad Wolf of fitness/performance goals could be many different things depending on who you are. He could be loss of strength, power, skill, a plaguing injury, increased fat mass, or morbid diseases (to name a few). If you are going to invest time in a fitness/performance goal, invest patiently with diligence so that when your Big Bad Wolf shows up, your fitness/performance stands firm.