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Campus Recreation Resources

Climbing Wall

Kalika Browder
September 19, 2019

Finding resources may not always be easy when first arriving at UNC. While some students don’t know it, there is something for everyone to enjoy here. It can be challenging to balance one’s physical health when considering a student’s work life, as well as their academic life, especially because campus may seem intimidating at first. Some students aren’t aware of the wonderful services sprinkled here and there throughout departments such as UNC’s Recreation Center

One of the popular uses for Campus Recreation is the massive gym that encompasses most of the recreation center. There are machines suited for plenty of needs, plus a nice amount of exercise bikes, ellipticals, and treadmills for those who are looking to get their cardio in.

If open gym is not the right move for you, and you do better in class settings, Group Fitness classes are offered every day except Saturday. Activities range from cycling and yoga to dance, as well as other mixed formats. You can access the full Fall 2019 Schedule on the Campus Recreation Group Fitness page online. 

If you’re looking to simply relax instead of pumping your heart-rate up, UNC’s Massage Service could be the way to go. At the Recreation Center, you can book a deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, and more at a discounted price. This is especially helpful for students who need to unwind after long hours in classes.

If massage therapy isn’t your thing, swimming might be. Campus Recreation offers open swim  hours for students, every day! To check the full schedule, be sure to stop by the University’s Campus Recreation website for all needed details.

Personal training is one of the other beneficial services that are offered through Campus Rec, and it can be a real game changer if finding the motivation to workout isn’t your cup of tea. 

If activities are the main source of your happiness, activities are what the Recreation Center specializes in. If you want to jog, there is an indoor jogging track. If racquetball is your style, then you should check out the racquetball courts.

If you want to conquer mountains while on campus, then you’ll probably have to settle for the climbing wall (which is just as fun)! Maybe these options aren’t your favorite either, which is a good reason to look into intramural clubs and sports, which offer an array of different things for everyone to play and love. And if you’d much rather just get outside, check out Outdoor Pursuits, which takes affordable student trips throughout the year, including hiking real mountains. 

The posted hours are listed from 6am - 11pm on weekdays, and 10am - 11 pm on weekends. Since the Recreation center is open during a variety of hours, it’s easily accessible into everybody’s schedule and allows no excuses for not being active!

Have a great workout!