It's 2019, which means that Valentines Day is not only a celebration for couples; but, it's also a day for you to celebrate YOU, and this is whether you are in a relationship or not. Here are five things you can do to treat yourself this Valentines Day:

Get a Massage

Your body experiences massive amounts of stress during the semester. Thank your body, and your mind,  for everything that it does by getting a massage this February 14. Through Campus Recreation's Fitness and Wellness program you can get many different quality massages, including a deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, and trigger point therapy at a great Student Rate. 

Take a Yoga Class

There have been many studies that show the benefits of mindfulness, a practice greatly utilized in yoga. Some of these benefits include reduced stress, risk of developing heart disease, and high-blood pressure. This Valentines Day focus on yourself by taking a yoga class and practice being mindful.

Make Yourself (and/or Your Partner) a Decadent Meal or Short On Time... We Have Some Ideas  

Homemade meals are an excellent way to show appreciation to yourself and or a significant other. It doesn't have to be expensive either; but, a warm, homemade meal goes a long way.

Another option if you are short on time is to head on over to the Pie CafĂ© in the Campus Commons and treat yourself, and perhaps someone else, to a delicious pie. 

Do a Secret Valentine Gift-Exchange

Organize a gift exchange where you and a group of friends randomly select names. The person's name that each person receives is the person that they can by chocolates or flowers for, this way everyone gets a "valentine." 

Take the Night Off and Go Out

Go on a date! Whether this be a romantic date or a night out with your friends, go out and have some fun! 11th Ave A Capella Group is hosting a show at the Moxi Theatre in Downtown Greeley this Valentines Day, and this would be a fun event to go to regardless of your relationship status. Tickets are are only $10! 

Check out their performance from December 2018 to get an idea of what to expect!