Since the beginning of the 2019 school year, the Club Men’s Rugby team has been a dominant force in colligate athletics.

Amassing an incredible 309 scored points and only allowing 18 to opponents, it’s easy to see how the Bears have gone undefeated in their 50th season at UNC.

I had the pleasure of attending the rugby team’s fundraiser on Tuesday evening and spoke to some of the players about their team and what they believe is the key to this year’s success. The short answer, hard work. They explained that even though only three days of the week were coached practices, the team still met three extra times a week to work on things like conditioning and game-planning necessary to win by such large margins. The most surprising thing I learned when talking to the team was that their organization was nearly disbanded in 2017 due to a lack of participation and poor leadership. It’s now clear that the major changes made by the team have paid off extremely well in the past two years.

Although the regular season is over there are still plenty of opportunities to support your Bears as they march towards a national championship. The team plays Saturday (11/2) at 2:00pm and hopefully again on Sunday (11/3) at 11:00am. So come watch and cheer this weekend as other teams come to take on our undefeated Men’s Rugby team!