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How I Stay Positive During These Hard Times

Kyla Arriyona Sanford, Cultural Activities Coordinator for MGCC
November 12, 2020

During these times, it can be a little harder to stay positive with exams, changes in weather and the end of the election season, but we still have to find ways to stay positive through it all. I have found that during these times relying on friends and family for support is a good way to start. Also, finding ways to positively distract yourself from hard times is a good way to stay positive. I have picked up new habits like going to the UNC Campus Rec Center with a group of friends to work out, going to the library to study, or finding a good movie or show to watch during my break times.

In all these activities I was able to stay safe and be socially distanced from my company.
We have all gone through so much this year, and have made it this far, so make sure to congratulate yourself in any way possible. We should all be proud of ourselves and how far we’ve made it! Be kind to yourself and others around you in everything you do and remind yourself that you are doing great, you are here for a reason and serve a great purpose.
Go Bears!

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