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Keeping Your Mind and Body Active

UNC Studemt doing yoga

Arianna Weisen
March 22, 2019

While everything is piling up around midterms, your life can feel pretty overwhelming. It may feel like there are too many tests to study for, projects to complete, and things to do, but keeping your mental and physical health in check is extremely important in order for you to stay successful during the semester. There are many benefits to keeping your mind and body active. Some of these benefits include improved focus and alleviated stress symptoms which inherently help studying be more beneficial.

Taking “brain breaks” or physical activity breaks during study sessions will benefit you in the long run! Take a 5-10-minute walk in between chapters, get up and stretch, knit for 10 minutes, color, cook, switch a load of laundry, do some dishes, clean up part of your room, or just relax without thinking about your school work. These short breaks in between studying will help your studying be more successful, so you can ace those midterms, crush your papers, and create the best projects and presentations possible!

We have put together some ideas for brain break activities, so you can stay sane during this busy time of the semester!

  • If you have a little more time, go on a day trip or weekend getaway. Get outside and go skiing, snowboarding, hiking, running, rock climbing, or ride a bike! We live in the perfect state for outdoor adventures. Estes Parks is only an hour drive from Greeley and offers many beautiful outdoor excursions. 
  • If you are more of an indoor person try knitting, crocheting, reading a book, drawing, meditating or coloring! Staying active indoors is also possible thanks to the easily accessible Recreation Center. Throw around some weights, participate in a yoga or dance class, or rock climb at the wall!
  • Another idea is to participate in an Outdoor Pursuits trip, or rent some gear for free to do your own adventuring! Go check out the Gear Shop or the UNCO Outdoor Pursuits website to find out more information about what they offer and when trips take place.

Campus Rec is here to remind you to take some time for yourself so you can stay focused, positive, and keep your sanity throughout the semester. Remember to take a deep breath, and live each moment as it manifests in your life. You are an incredible super star who has made it this far!! Keep up the good work!