Considering public health guidelines related to Covid-19, UNC has had to creatively think about and shift the way we build community on campus. In previous years, our campus community has been able to host many in person events, activities, and meetings for students to attend. Often these offerings would result in students casually meeting new friends by chance and developing a sense of campus community for our new Bears. With all of this looking so different this year and so far from the norm, we wanted to take a moment to explain to you how UNC Housing & Residential Education are approaching community on campus this year so that you are better able to help your student navigate finding community and connection at UNC.

The best place to probably begin is by explaining the parameters in place for gathering students together. Since classrooms can have students gathered in them (classroom space permitting) you are probably wondering why we are having such a hard time gathering students for activities and events. The truth is that public health guidance differentiates between classrooms, events, and meetings – each with a different capacity threshold. All activities outside of the classroom at UNC are considered events or meetings and require a lot of planning to ensure all safety measures are considered (unique to each event) to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Due to these circumstances we have opted to do most community development activities virtually to ensure the safety of your student, our staff, and the campus community.

You are probably wondering what that looks like and how your student can get connected to these virtual opportunities. So, we have decided to give you a walkthrough of what we are offering so you can better guide your student if it comes up in conversations with them.

In this video we walk through the Housing & Residential Education online platforms and explain what is available and offered this semester.

We know isolation/quarantine can get boring. We hope this idea book gives you some relief and helps you to pass the time more easily.

Housing Quarantine Activities Book

Thanks for taking time to be a part of helping understand and navigate this new reality for our campus community. We know these changes from the norm can be confusing, challenging, and frustrating for our students and their families. Hopefully, this has given you some insight into our world and what Housing & Residential Education can offer your student this year. We appreciate any help you all can provide in connecting your student to these resources when it feels appropriate.

As always, we in Housing & Residential Education are here to help you and your student. If you have a questions or concern, please don’t hesitate to let us know whether by emailing or by calling 970-351-2721.