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Understanding Your Student During Finals Week

Student studying at the library.

Yesica Arce Mendez
November 04, 2019

It is almost that time of the year… finals week. This may  be your students first time experiencing college finals. Every student experiences finals week different, here are some things to consider from a student’s perspective and some tips to support your student.

Students will be busy

If your student has not contacted you as frequently as before, understand that the last two weeks of the semester means group projects, assignments, presentations, and exams. Some students also work, as well as try to find some time for themselves. 

TIP: A text message asking your student how they are doing or telling them to have a good day will make a difference. Remind your student to have their priorities set: get some sleep, eat, and study. The university will be having events during finals week to help your student de-stress: free snacks massages, therapy dogs, and more!

Students may have mixed emotions

Many emotions may arise prior and the week of finals, ranging from sadness, anxiety, anger, hopelessness, and even relief. Some students may have two finals in a day, and it may seem like it is not much; however, it can be overwhelming. A lot of preparation and study happens to get ready for final exams and projects. Tell your student to try and take care of themselves. A little stress is good, however, some self-care prior, during, and after finals week is important.

TIP: The Counseling Center is free to all students at any time of the semester. The Campus Rec is also a great resource to keep healthy and relieve some stress–like scheduling a massage.

Send a care package

Students love receiving packages, especially when they are unexpected! The smallest things can make your college student's day. UNC has care packages you can purchase an have, delivered to your student. Sometimes, you can even include a special note with some words of advice.