Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.”  
-Albert Einstein  
My understanding of myself becomes very clear when I step outside. I’m someone that believes that I understand myself well; but, life happens, and I can lose sight of what that looks like. Nature can elevate a mind to a level of immense freedom: freedom to be who you are. To me, the outdoors stands for more than just “fun.” Nature provides a space of reflection, rest, and clarity. Every time I embark on an adventure, my mental and physical health are positively impacted. I come back with a renewed sense of understanding of what my purpose is in this world.  
I work at Outdoor Pursuits, a program offered through UNC that provides opportunities for outdoor education and leadership experiences. It can be an outlet to find peace in your life amid anxiety, sadness, or stress. Outdoor Pursuits welcomes all Bears. 

With our access to the outdoors and the Outdoor Pursuits Gear Shop being limited right now, go on walks, runs, skate, play catch, or go frolfing. Let’s get creative and stay close to home. The mountains aren’t going anywhere – they will be waiting for you.  
During this time of uncertainty, do not hesitate to reach out to the Outdoor Pursuits Staff, Campus Recreation Staff, and/or I! Stay connected with us through Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for your strength through this season!