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Resources that UNC provides to Create a Safe Environment

View from Michener Library

July 03, 2019

UNC is a place of welcomed individuality and diversity. There are many aspects of the campus that reinforce this idea to all students, and we would like to share a few.

Cultural Centers and Resource Centers 

There are many safe places on campus that provide support for people of all identities. Follow the links to find out more:

Lactation Stations

In support of women who choose to breastfeed, there are three lactation stations located on
campus. These are clean, quiet, and private spaces for a woman to breastfeed.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms 

In many of the buildings on campus there are all gender bathrooms. These bathrooms are for all identifying genders. 

Disability Resource Center

Known as DSS, Disability Resource Center seeks to provide students with resources to have an equal education. Some of these include test accommodations, sign language interpretations, note taking, and adaptive technology.

Bear Pantry 

Bear pantry seeks to assist students who are struggling to provide food for themselves, much of which is given through donation. Students can also choose to donate meals from their bonus meals included in their meal plan.

Preferred Pronouns

Although this is not a place, you will find that most staff and faculty and many students introduce themselves first by name, and second by preferred pronouns. These pronouns include she/her/hers, he/him/his, and they/them/theirs. With the rise of gender fluidity, androgyny and non-binary identities, calling a person by their preferred pronouns is a small, but powerful way to show respect.  

Audible Crosswalks

Various high-traffic areas across campus have crosswalks that inform pedestrians when it’s safe to cross the street as well as notifies them how many seconds they have left to cross. If it is unsafe and a person presses on the crosswalk button it sounds “wait.” This technology has
been incorporated into the campus to make commuting more accessible for those who are
visually impaired.