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What is a UNC Bear Network Alumni Career Panel and Why Students Should Attend?

Bear Network Alumni Career Panel

Elizabeth MahoneyElizabeth Mahoney
November 04, 2019

Have you heard of the Bear Network Alumni Career Panels? Have you wondered what an Alumni Career Panel is? Did you know there are more than 130,000 alumni and friends of UNC who are located all over the country and the world in almost every industry?

This group of individuals are here to support students in their professional development and help you gain insider information to industries and jobs. One of the ways they do that is the Bear Network Alumni Career Panels.

These panels are an opportunity to get UNC Alumni back to campus to discuss their experiences and career path after UNC. These panels generally have between 4-6 Alumni who answer questions about their jobs and give tips to be successful in their career life after UNC. These events are important for students because you have a chance to learn about the amazing jobs and industries our Alumni are working. Additionally, you hear real world experience and tips from Alumni on how to be successful during and after your UNC education. At the end of each panel there is a networking opportunity so that students can get a chance to connect with the Alumni panelists on a one-on-one and/or small group basis.

Some of the benefits of this programing for current UNC students are:

  1. An opportunity to access the Bear Network on campus and meet with Alumni from diverse backgrounds who work in industries that might interest you.
  2. UNC alumni share insider information about industry and their careers.
  3. Open and honest discussion from UNC Alumni of the struggles, as well as, the successes to gaining access to their industries/jobs.
  4. You also can ask questions and have an opportunity to network, in an event that is geared to help students feel comfortable, asking questions about all kinds of subject areas. For example, at a previous panel a student asked about an Alumni’s experience in the interviewing process based upon a shared identity and how they navigated this process.
  5. Practice asking questions of people in their careers and gathering industry related information. This will help you feel more comfortable having conversations with people who are working in different industries.

Bear Network Alumni Career Panel: Careers in Technology

Tuesday, November 12
6:oo p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Campus Commons, Prosperity Room
Presented by Salazar Family Foundation

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Confirmed Alumni Panelist:
Sterling Engelhard, VP of Sales and Marketing at MAS Global Consulting

  • Adam Wilson, CEO and co-founder of Sphero,
  • Tim Anderson, Video Game Developer, Warballoon
  • Sara Robbins, Search Ads 360 Technical Specialist at Google
  • Jenny Siegle, Producer II- Kroenke Sports Enterprises, Video Production Specialists- Colorado Rockies.

3 Questions you can ask at a Networking Event

  1. What does a typical day look like in your job?
  2. Describe the workplace culture at your organization?
  3. What is your favorite/least favorite part of your job? 

Networking Tip: Don’t forget to get a business card from the person you are networking with and jot down notes about your conversation to follow up with them after the event.