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Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

Student walking on campus

February 14, 2019

Being sick may mean you might not want to get out of bed or go to class and work. We’ve all been there. If you are sick, the best option is to stay home and take care of yourself. However, we know that the workload of a college semester can be very stressful, and missing a day from class may only add to that stress. 

Here are some tips to take care of yourself that may prevent you from getting sick so you won’t have to miss class or work. Healthy students are happy students. 

  • STAY HYDRATED: Your body is made up of roughly 60% water. Water helps remove waste in your body, bring cells the nutrients they need, regulate body temperature, and helps to digest your food. When your body doesn’t get enough water, it has to ration the water between those. Depending on how much physical activity you do can also depend on how much water you drink but typically, eight glasses on average per day can keep your body functioning at top notch.
  • BE CONSCIOUS OF WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY: If you’re constantly eating pizza and tacos, then your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to function. Making sure you eating a balanced meals is important. So next time you’re hungry, ditch the potato chips and try reaching for a snack with a little more nutritional value. 
  • SNEAK IN EXERCISE INTO YOUR DAY: Take the stairs on your way to class instead of the elevator, walk around your living room during commercial breaks, take a lap around the building in between classes if you can. Little things like these can make a big difference when it comes to your health. 
  • WASH YOUR HANDS: We can clean the classrooms, and bathrooms every hour and it still wouldn’t prevent the spread of bad germs. Making sure your hands are clean can help you prevent the spread of all those bad germs.  

UNC Health Center

Every student at UNC is eligible to use the UNC Health Center whenever you need, it’s there to keep students happy and healthy. The health center is located on the main floor of Cassidy Hall, right across from the visitors center on Central Campus.

Types of services: This center offers many services to students including, but not limited to helping you with your cold, eye/ear/throat infections, allergies/asthma, working with minor injuries, and they can even take x-rays if needed.

The health center accepts most insurances, you can call your insurance to double check and if you don’t have insurance, then you are automatically covered under UNC’s insurance. With this insurance, each visit only costs $20, compared to most $500 deductibles for lab work outside of the clinic on campus. Plus, this clinic is in a convenient location for you.