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Test Taking Tips

UNC student studying at Michener Library.

October 17, 2018

Here are some test taking tips from Academic Support and Advising Services on how to prepare before the test, how to be prepared for and during the test, and post-test.

To be prepared for a test ...

Check the number of tests: Have the date written in your planner and be aware of the wieght of the exam 
Plan small review sessions every week to avoid cramming at the last minute: You can use the main topics covered and create questions. Use flashcards for terms you don’t know.
Ask the professor what topics will be emphasized in the test: Begin reviewing practice tests, assignments, readings and class notes. The day before the test set an alarm and a backup alarm just in case.
The day of the test make sure you eat: Do not eat too much or too little so you can be energized
Show up early: Some professors use the five minutes before the test to go over the format of the test.

During the test...

Have your materials: Make sure you have at least two pencils, an eraser, a calculator if you need it and any other resources the professor allows.
Try to keep a positive attitude: If you begin to feel nervous take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Begin by answering the easiest problems or questions first, it will help give you confidence and momentum. 
Go over the test: If you have extra time go over your exam. If you want to change an answer make sure it’s only because you misread a question, or misunderstood, chances are the first answer you put down is correct.
Proofread: Proofread your essays and short answers for minor mistakes.
Check your name: Lastly double check for your first and last name.

After the test date...

Attend class: The instructor will most likely be going over the test. Going to this will help you learn the information you did not know, and help the information you do know go into long term memory.
Ask questions: Ask your peers and the professor, look the answer up if possible.
Check your grade: Always double check your grade, there may be a grading mistake. If you do not like your grade ask the professor for possible extra credit, makeup tests, these shouldn’t be favors they should be earned.
Save your test as it may help you study for future tests.