Study Abroad is an incredible service that UNC offers! Leaving UNC’s iconic cow smell for say, a seaside scent, could help boost your inspiration! Here’s what you need to know about the Study Abroad Office: 

There are various types of programs that study abroad offers:  

International Student Exchange  

There’s ISEP Exchange, and ISEP Direct. There is a $50 application Fee for these programs. 


 UNC has agreements with 22 international institutions across Europe and Asia. Many of our partner schools offer affordable study abroad options for students from all UNC majors. 


UNC has approved study abroad, or "affiliated", providers. These organizations specialize in the creation and administration of study abroad programs. Providers offer programs for semester and academic year, as well as summer programs ranging from 2 to 8 weeks. 

Other International Opportunities

 UNC offers several other international opportunities such as: 

  • International student teaching 
  • Service learning 
  • Internships 
    • Guy Healy (Japan)
    • Mercan (contact Study Abroad Office immediately) 

UNC faculty member(s) will take a group of students overseas for a 3-6 week faculty-led program, which typically focuses on a particular topic, language, or an interdisciplinary understanding of an issue. Field trips and cultural activities are used to enhance learning. Programs range from 0-6 credits. 
The Study Abroad Office also does passports for $5!  
UNC does students a solid when it comes to getting out of here! Here’s what you’ll need for a passport: 

  • Proof of ID: License 
  • Proof of Citizenship: Birth Certificate or Certificate of Naturalization 
  • Passport photo: only $5! 
  • Passport application: can be found at the office! For new passports you’ll be getting the DS-11 form 

Passports, like most things, do indeed cost money. 
These are the fees you’ll be looking at: 

  • UNC Passport acceptance (execution) fee is $35 (per passport) payable to UNC by cash, check or credit card.  
  • Standard Shipping (4-6 Weeks) 
    • Passport application fee is payable by check or money order ONLY to the U.S. State Department 
      • Adults (16+): $110  
      • Minors: $80 
  • Expedited Shipping (2-4 Weeks) 
    • Passport application fee is payable by check or money order ONLY to the U.S. State Department 
      • Adults (16+): $170  
      • Minors: $140
Interested in applying? Here are the deadlines

Fall Deadlines 
  • International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP Exchange): September 15 
  • UNC Exchange & Direct, ISEP Direct, & Affiliated Programs: September 30  

Spring Deadlines 
  • International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP Exchange): February 15 
  • UNC Exchange & Direct,  ISEP Direct, & Affiliated Programs: March 2  

Don’t miss out! Your gateway ticket out of here is waiting! You can find the Study Abroad office at the University Center, room 1110, by your lovable Subway!  

Their office hours are: 
Tuesday - Thursday 
9am - 12pm 
1pm - 4pm 

Monday & Friday 
By appointment only, limited hours available 
Faxing and Messenger Pigeons are sadly an outdated use of communication, but there’s other ways you can contact the Study Abroad office:

By phone: 970-351-2396 
By email: 
That’s really about all you need to know about Study Abroad, any further details can most likely be answered by them. We love to see your adventures! Have a good year, and GO BEARS!