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May Observances


Karissa Terry, Director of Campus Relations, Student Senate
May 01, 2021

Advocacy is central to our Student Senate and we’d like to take some time to acknowledge some of the observances during the month of May. Here are just some of the ways in which we can begin to create awareness and advocacy during this month as well as learn about resources that are available.

National Mental Health Month

National Mental Health Month is a time to recognize the traumas that may happen in someone's life and the effects it can have - mentally, emotionally and physically. It also helps recognize the impact it may have on people outside of the victim’s life as well - such as members within the community.

This month is dedicated to prevention, but also the treatment methods of Mental Health problems. Not only this, but we take the month to recognize the amount of recovery that has occurred because of either prevention or treatment.

The most common examples of the Mental Health that we are discussing are depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. However, there are many other Mental Health diagnoses out there.

The two most common treatments that we see when it comes to Mental Health are counseling and medication. UNC offers counselling at McKee Psychological Services Clinic, but also at the Student Health Center. There are also many other places within Weld County that offer services as well.

I also want to take this time to recognize that as the end of school year approaches, we have been through a lot together. COVID. A presidential election. And so much more. Student Senate would like to say that we are so proud of you for all the work you have put in this year, and that no matter how hard it gets, we are here for you.

Watch this video to learn about others’ stories and the realization of Mental Health and how they coped with the realization, and what they did.

We All Have Mental Health

This next video covers Mental Health Day (October 10), but it is still very important! It covers the different warning signs that you may notice.

5 Signs Your Mental Health is Falling Apart

Other resources:


Trauma Survivors Day

Trauma Survivors Day is on May 19, which will be a Wednesday this year. This a day to recognize and support survivors of traumatic injuries, experiences, or any other instances. This is a day to recognize the road to recovery and acknowledge that it is not easy.

Everyday, people may be faced with a traumatic experience. Examples are car accidents, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, or any other instances. It is extremely important that anyone can be affected by trauma.

It is important to recognize all of the support UNC offers. We have so many resources on campus and you can find them on UNC’s Campus Safety website.

Honoring Trauma Survivors

Other video resources

National Trauma Survivors Day

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