My name is Zeah Loren Edmonds, and I am a Junior Acting major with a Writing and Film
Studies minor. This is my second year as a Reisher Scholars Program, I am a member of Continuing ‘19. I initially started my college journey solely as an acting major but shortly after added a writing minor. I was fortunate to begin my college experience with career and academic goals. My plan was to act, screen write for movies and study abroad the second semester of my Junior year. Thankfully, my University 101 course my freshman year required students to create a graduation template, a template I would update and alter as a Reisher Scholar. The outline didn't mention my sophomore year would end remotely due to a global pandemic. A pandemic which altered my graduation template in more ways than one. Studying abroad was no longer in the picture, but I did end up adding yet another minor. The world's decay made me reflect on different goals I could achieve during my remaining time at UNC.

I come from a long line of educators, strong, intelligent individuals who’ve relentlessly informed me about education's importance. But, in high school I debated the outcome of obtaining a degree. I attended an arts high school and wasn't sure what other information I could gain with more sleep deprivation and bigger bills. My mother was fortunate enough to receive a full ride scholarship, her blessing hanging over my head pushing me to desire similar success. Needless to say… my college experience has been very different. I finished my freshman year 9,000 dollars in debt, and wasn't too sold on finishing or completing my degree.

Until I heard about Reisher, a program that helps students gain a sense of discipline, time
management, and community. Thanks to Reisher I was comfortable enough to add a second minor without feeling financially weighed down. I added Film Studies at the end of last semester where I was awarded not just financial assistance, but a community of individuals from all different backgrounds and experiences. Individuals who bring a magnitude of varying knowledge to the UNC campus. I am incredibly grateful for the workshops and Cohort Engagement hours that promote empathy, growth and well-being of every community member. I personally have gained leadership and communication skills which I’ve utilized by leading a Community Development Day workshop that explored the benefits of self love and self care. I will also be performing some original work at this year's End of the Year Celebration.

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