The Reisher Scholarship

My deepest gratitude goes out to the Reisher Scholars Program and The Denver Foundation for seeing something in me that I had never seen within myself, before. For allowing me to pursue a higher education than just high school and allowing me to focus on my studies without the financial burden that hinders on one’s back.

It all started Spring 2017, I had gotten accepted to the only university that I applied to in the nation. I started my first year of college at the University of Northern Colorado as a Biological Science Major with an emphasis in Pre-Health. As a first-generation, first-citizen, latinx woman I would have never believed that I would be the first one in my family to go to college. I grew up in Thornton, Colorado, in a primarily white institution, where “people like me” don’t get to experience college life.

I had raised my standards on education by being more involved, more transparent, and working harder to be at where I am today, but unfortunately, I always had a financial burden to minimize my dreams. This is when Reisher saved my life. After discovering a new career path, I changed my major to Pre-Nursing and Human Services. I then had gained confidence to apply for the Reisher Scholarship. They accepted me with open arms and gave me something to believe in. To accept the fact that people want to see me succeed and will do anything to help me achieve those dreams. That is exactly what Reisher does. I got accepted with my cohort (Continuing' 18) in the fall.

As a Reisher Scholar I have been pushed out of my comfort zone by getting involved in clubs and organizations, seeking job opportunities as a Student Ambassador and Orientation Leader, and making lifelong friends that I now consider my family. This scholarship does donate a large sum of money to get me through college, but they also provide so much more for their students. For me, they helped me defeat impostor syndrome and helped me understand that I am enough and worthy of getting this college degree and education.

As a Reisher Scholar I have learned inclusivity in the community, social justice in the classroom/workforce, and peer advocacy within our program. I can never say “thank you” enough for supporting me and allowing me to live out my dreams. I can proudly say, with the help and contribution of Reisher, that I will be graduating this May (2021) from the University of Northern Colorado with my Bachelors in Human Services. I couldn’t have done it without this support system, I get to call family. After graduation I plan to continue my education. I hope to go to Nursing school to pursue a degree in Nursing as well. This diploma is more than just a piece of paper, it is a symbol to first-generation, latinx, women of color, that we too, can defeat society's prejudice norms and achieve our dreams. Thank you for everything.

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