Indigenous People’s Day is recognized on the second Monday of October. What began as a counter-celebration of the resistance and resilience of the indigenous communities of the United States in protest of Columbus Day. Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus, is often touted as the “founder” of the Americas, however, not only is this narrative inaccurate it is damaging and contributes to the erasure and violence of Indigenous peoples, historically and contemporarily.

To contribute the reclaiming of the second Monday of October, NASS will be highlighting contemporary Indigenous artists through our social media accounts. On Monday, October 12, Ky Short, NASS First-Year Outreach Coordinator will be sharing social media posts throughout the day. Follow our social media accounts to learn more about how IllumniNatives, an Indigenous Pop Culture artist collective, are working in tandem with educators to provide culturally appropriate education of and about contemporary Native peoples.

Further, Shea Ortiz, NASS Mentoring Coordinator, will be sharing a list of movies and tv shows that showcase Indigenous filmmakers currently available on various streaming platforms. This list will be available on all NASS social media sites.

Lastly, Shea will also be offering fry bread cooking lessons on TikTok and Instagram. Once you have made your own fry bread, be sure to check out our blog on Indigenous Resistance Foods.

Fry BreadTikTok and Instagram

Cooking with Shea Ortiz: Green Chile Stew - view on NASS’ Instagram TV in November (release date TBD)

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